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Box Breaks are meant to be fun and offer you an opportunity to get high end cards of your favorite teams/players without having to pay for an entire box. Because each break is Random... You have a better chance of getting a good team for less money! Boxes of cards, nowadays, range from $100-$500. Box Breaks have become popular for people who don't want to spend that kind of money on a box. Here are the rules of box breaking. By making a purchase through this website or eBay you agree to abide by these rules and the decisions rendered by following them.

1) Products and Procedures
     a. As each spot is sold, we will update the listing. The breaks will be done when all spots have been SOLD OUT or if the spots aren't filling and I don't want my customers to wait too long.
     b. All breaks will be recorded on continuous feed and uploaded to our youtube channel ( ) We will notify you when it is ready to view via email.
     c. In our breaks, both the participants AND sports teams will both be randomized three times on random.org

2) Multi-Player Cards
     a. Dual or Triple Player Cards
          i. The multiplayer card will go to the buyer with the most teams on the card.
          ii. If its a tie between buyers on the card, the card will go to the team on the top of the card. If the players are listed left to right, itís the team on the left.

     b. Quad or Higher Player Cards
          i. If its a tie between buyers on the card, It will go to the team on the top left or on the top of the card.

3) Hierarchy of Cards
     a. Cards will go to jersey the player is wearing.
     b. IF the player is not wearing a professional sports team jersey, the card will go to the team that is written on the front of the card. If he doesnít have a professional jersey (example, an international, collegiate or juniors) and there is no team name printed on the card the card will go to the playerís current team.
     c. If the player is retired, we will first use jersey he is wearing, then the team name printed on the front of the card wearing.

Los Angeles Rams = St. Louis Rams
Los Angeles Raiders = Raiders
Baltimore Colts = Indianapolis Colts
Houston Oilers = Tennessee Titans
Chicago/St. Louis Cardinals= Arizona Cardinals

Washington Senators = Texas Rangers
KC Athletics = Oakland Aís
Seattle Pilots = Brewers
Montreal Expos = Washington Nationals

NJ Nets= Brooklyn Nets
Seattle SuperSonics = Oklahoma City Thunder
Charlotte Hornets = New Orleans
Vancouver Grizzlies = Memphis

California Golden Seals/California Seals/Oakland Seals/Cleveland Barons/Minnesota North Stars = Dallas Stars
Kansas City Scouts/Colorado Rockies = New Jersey Devils
Atlanta Flames == Calgary Flames
Quebec Nordiques = Colorado Avalanche
Hartford Whalers = = Carolina Hurricanes
Atlanta Thrashers = Winnipeg Jets
Any Winnipeg Jets = Winnipeg

4) Shipping
a. Box breaks through eBay have free shipping. Box Breaks on the website will have free shipping.
b. We ship USPS first class . All hits will be placed into hardcovers. Everything will be sent in a bubble mailer.
c. Cards with a BV value over $75 will sent with signature required at no extra cost.

5) Refunds
a. No refunds for any reason after the break has started.
b. Upon making a purchase you are acknowledging that you have read and understand these rules. Please don't purchase if you don't understand them.
c. No International buyers.
6) Please E-Mail Me if you have ANY QUESTIONS AT ALL. info@nandbboxbreaks.com